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Stop Lint

Hints that will help make you clothes last longer.

1.  Add Fabric Softener to the loads. as it is a lubricant and this will help remove the water when you are extracting, it also 'relaxes' the fibers so that they do not get broken off in the Dryer and cause lint. 
Caution here, do not add too much as it will cause 'waterproofing' and you will not now like your towels.

2.  When using the Dryer, use the setting that does not over dry.
The linen should come out of the Dryer and feel slightly 'damp' when you put them to your face.

3.  If you run the Dryer too long and take the linens out and they feel hot and dry they are going to absorb the humidity in the air anyway and also after a few hours the linens will have the same ambient moisture.