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Best Practices

Remember that to get a Clean and Efficient wash there are a number of Critically important steps that are often ignored as many operators deem them to 'cost too much money'.

We have Four Components that make for a good wash Time, Temperature, Mechanical Action, & Chemical Action ​(or also known as the' Pie Chart')

1.  Scales, I have had people tell me that they know the weight of a pile of linen on the floor and then 'overload' the washer to the extent that the load is still  dry in the middle.

2. Water Softener, if you don't have a water Softener you will use a lot more Chemistry to do the same job as a softener but the purpose of the Resin in the softener is to also remove particulate that if not removed will cause 'graying' of the linens.

3. Sufficient Hot water. This is one of the four components that make up a good wash Temperature also allows for Chemistry to be reduced.